About PCOSBase


PCOSBase is developed to serve as a data repository for our PCOS research. It provides easy access to the information on proteins that are involved in PCOS. Rigorous criteria were applied to the primary dataset (~12K) in order to select high confidence PCOS-related proteins. At present, PCOSBase houses 8,185 proteins. These proteins were manually annotated and analysed resulting into  the classification of 13237 gene ontologies, 1004 pathways, 7936 domains, 29 disease classes, 1928 diseases, 91 tissues and 320472 interactions. 

How to explore PCOSBase

The data entries are searchable on the main page, search tab and browse tab.

Protein advanced search is also provided to search for specific proteins that are involved in respective gene ontologies, pathways, diseases and tissues. Data is easily downloadable. 

Main strength of PCOSBase

  1. Largest collection of PCOS related proteins where the proteins were identified from thousands of literature and various databases. Rigorous criteria have been developed to identify those that were highly related to PCOS. These proteins were manually curated and analysed to provide additional information to make self-contained database content.
  2. PCOSBase provides detailed information on the tissue localizations, domains and protein-protein interactions.
  3. PCOSBase contains results from PPI analysis on PCOS-related proteins
  4. PCOSBase provides regular and systematic update on PCOS research
  5. PCOSBase provides extensive list of all the publications on PCOS.