PCOS Network

This page contains the information of related networks in PCOS where these networks were constructed by using interactions dataset as provided in PCOSBase and visualized by using Cytoscape tool. Figure 1 shows the protein-protein interaction (PPI) network that consists of the interactions of high confidence score ranged between 0.73 and 1.  A number of 7,266 out of 8,185 PCOS-related proteins were assembled to construct this network. The remaining 918 PCOS-related proteins do not have interaction information.

Figure 1: PPI network of PCOS-related proteins. The red node represents PCOS-related proteins and the blue node represents non PCOS-related proteins.

This PPI information (interactions dataset) was integrated with the diseases datasets to analyze the association of PCOS with other diseases. There are 1,801 diseases that interact with each other while the rest of the diseases are not connected to other diseases. A total of 676 diseases are directly interacted with PCOS which formed 101,172 disease interactions. Figure 2 shows the top 20 diseases that have high interactions with PCOS.

Figure 2: Top 20 diseases that have high interactions with PCOS. Green node represents PCOS. Size of each node denotes number of shared proteins between PCOS and its respective associated disease.

Figure 3 (a) and (b) show the relationship of PCOS and diseases of prostatic neoplasm and schizophrenia, respectively. There are 82 interactions that link PCOS and prostatic neoplasm and 29 interactions that connect PCOS to schizophrenia. Blue lines denote the interactions that link PCOS to prostate neoplasm and schizophrenia.

Figure 3(a): Relationship between PCOS and Prostatic Neoplasms

Figure 3(b): Relationship between PCOS and Schizophrenia

Figure 4 shows the networks that were analyzed by using PCOS-related proteins, interactions and diseases datasets.   

Figure 4: PPI and disease networks that are related to PCOS

Users can click on the figure to obtain better resolution. These figures are in Aleng et al., 2017 (manuscript in preparation).